1. Ahmed Oyelowo

      There is no subscription.
      It’s completely free. Rather, the Developer account gives the highest license of Microsoft 365 which is the E5 License.
      The E5 License comes with Power BI Pro License as well. If you are able to publish Power BI reports to your account within 90 days, the E5 License will be renewed.
      If not, the license will expire. But your email address will still be there to continue to publish to Power BI whenever you need to. You will only lose the E5 license and the Power BI pro license.
      For context, with the E5 license, you can activate Microsoft Office Desktop apps (Excel, PowerPoint etc for free with the email generated from the Developer Account)

    1. Dominion

      Wow, thank you very much. I have been battling with this for weeks and I happened to see this this morning. Thanks a lot for sharing this. It has proved truly helpful.
      Your explanation of the steps was also very straight forward and comprehensive. Well done sir.

  1. Shubha

    thanks so much, this is very helpful. I have been learning Power BI and creating dashboards, but couldn’t exactly figure out how to publish them without work email. Now I it will make my life easier.

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