Data Science is one of the leading tech career fields globally and several people are transitioning to data science from other fields. The opportunities are immense because a skilled Data Scientist have an unlimited earning potential.I mean, if you are capped by Salaries, you can still run personal gigs / businesses or build some innovative products.While there are numerous ways to learn and gain the necessary skills, Online Video based courses will always remain one of the best options.Again, we are not short of options when it comes to Online Course Market Places. Here, I bring to you, one of the best with Top Quality Courses at the Most affordable rates – Udemy

Why Udemy?

  1. Variety:Udemy is a Mass Market place for Online Courses. Anyone can publish a course on Udemy and while you may think it’s bad for learners, it’s actually the opposite. Because, Udemy algorithm for course ratings will automatically weed out bad courses and push out only the best courses to learners.
  2. Affordability:Udemy courses are very affordable, mostly due to nearly all year round promotions. Courses go as low as $10 almost every week. You can easily take best selling and highest rating courses for that low. I’ll be recommending 6 courses here and I’m nearly certain they will cost less than $100 combined.
  3. Lifetime access & Completion Certificates:Once you purchase a course on Udemy, you’ll have life time access and can make it a reference guide for your continuous needs. Not only that, you’ll also get certificates of completion for every course you finish.

5 recommended Best Seller Courses to begin Transitioning into Data Science

Before diving into courses, it’s essential to understand what data science entails. At its core, data science combines statistics, data analysis, machine learning, and their related methods to understand and leverage patterns within data.Transitioning to data science will not be a walk in the park as you will need to learn several skills and complete projects. The good news is, many of the several skills are related. So, the most important thing is starting. Followed by “Not giving up”.Below are a list of recommended Best Selling Udemy Courses to give you the best start.
  1. Start with Spread Sheets – Many people have different opinions on what to start with, but I will recommend spreadsheets any day and any time. Because I believe it’s easier to get into the world of data from spreadsheets due to their flexibility and graphical user interface. Take Leila Gharani’s Excel Course on Udemy
  2. Learn Statistics – Data Science is a quantitative field, you need to be good with numbers. Statistics is in fact, the bed on which Data Science lies on. Take 365 Data Science Course on Udemy
  3. Learn Data Visualization – The goal of analyzing data is to make informed decisions. Usually, through Charts and Graphs. Most organizations use Tableau or Power BI for their Data Visualization. Take my Power BI Course and/or Take Kirill Eremanko’s Tableau Course
  4. Learn SQL – Data are usually stored in secured databases, mostly relational databases. Interacting with these databases requires knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL). Take Jose Portilla’s SQL Bootcamp
  5. Learn Python – Python is not the only programming Language used in Data Science but it is the most popular and widely used. Take Adrian Wiech’s Python Certification Course
  6. Learn Machine Learning – Machine Learning is another core of Data Science where you’ll build models to discover hidden patterns from Data. Take Kirill Eremanko’s Machine Learning Course


Making a career shift is a significant decision, and the path to data science can initially seem dense with technical jargon and complex concepts.However, with platforms like Udemy, world-class expertise is just a click away. By strategically selecting courses that align with your goals, you can ensure a smooth transition and a successful career in data science. 

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