Learning DAX

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DAX is NOT one of the easiest Languages to learn (It’s even harder to teach). Not without a lot of practice, and that must be on top of a solid foundation.

How fast can one get there? It largely depends on those two things.

How solid your foundation is and how much practice you have under your belt. With that being the case, it is still not easy for people to get both.

Surely, a lot of those with the desire to get plenty practice hours have been frustrated because of the lack of solid DAX backgrounds.

There are usually many DAX resources offering the best help (I should compile a list of some of them soon). I have found reading to be one of the best ways to learn. So I started a fresh DAX series a couple of weeks ago.

Nevertheless, there are people who prefer videos to reading. At any given opportunity I get, I always advice such people to only complement videos with books and blog posts, and not to rely on videos alone.

There is Power in reading. Lots of it when it comes to DAX.

New DAX Course

I have just launched a new DAX video course, with the hope of making the journey of DAX learners easier.

In this course, I tried as much as possible to simplify concepts and break down technical jargons. I have also infused some assignments in the course to ensure that students are able to practice what is being taught in the course.

Practice makes perfect isn’t it?

What You Will Learn

This course is suitable for all levels of Power BI users. You will learn from the introductory concepts to build a solid background. By the time you complete the course, you should have a better understanding of:

  1. DAX usage in Power BI (Calculated Columns, Calculated Tables, Measures and Row Level Security)
  2. The most important and used DAX functions
  3. How the DAX Engine works behind the scenes
  4. The CALCULATE function in DAX
  5. Row Context, Filter Context and Context Transition
  6. Time Intelligence functions and calculations
  7. Other important DAX functions like RANKX and TOPN

 The Gift

The course is now available for free on Udemy for the next 72 hours when you use this Link to sign up. This free access will expire on the 4th of October 2020, at 15:10 PM (GMT – 7).

I hope you will enjoy it.

Share, and inform someone to unlock this luck.

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